Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey guys!

I know it's been a while (a really really long while) since I've last posted.

My December finally came around and I had the most exhilarating, relaxing, and self-defining moment of my life. I went overseas alone for one month. No friends, no family, nothing but some money and a dream.

It was seriously the most liberating thing I had EVER done in my life. You know how some African-American women resort to shaving their heads as a symbol of their freedom and independence from hair chemicals and relaxers?
My symbol was a plane ticket.

I met the greatest people, ate the most delicious food, enjoyed my OWN company, didn't miss anyone, and was exposed to the best music there ever was. I was so inspired, day in and day out. My camera died on me time and time again because I couldn't stop taking pictures of every little detail.

Wherever you decide to let the charter fly you, do it, and do it without any inhibitions. I could go on and on forever about every little experience I went through, but some things are just too personal.

I have forgotten everything that held me back, and though I was extremely sad to be home again and back to my routine life, I feel so blessed to have gone through everything I did. I came back happier, more responsible, and more assertive than I've ever been.

And most importantly, I don't feel the slightest wince of pain when I think about Mubarak. As a matter of fact, we've driven side by side on the way to work at least twice now, and never once did my heart race. Never once did I feel like I needed to stare at him or call him or text him.

I am free.

And I'm back. And inspired. So I hope you guys are ready to read :) I've missed you guys!


Glitter said...

I'm happy for you Love :)

I missed you and I am more than ready to start eating up your stories :*

Welcome back..


farah said...

Welcome back!!! I was so happy to see this post! Not only because I absolutely love your stories, but because of what you wrote in this one. It is so nice to know that you enjoyed, explored, and got motivated again. Also, what you wrote resonated with me (as it usually does) because about 5 years ago I had similar feelings and I moved overseas to work in a different country for a year. It was the best experience because it allowed me to grow so much. And good things always happen when you improve your own situation... I got married a year later :) sorry I never wrote to you about my story ideas as I mentioned, but it seems like you have lots of material now! can't wait to hear more from you.. xx (btw i used to sign as anony f so you can identify me lol)

girl with the petite appetite said...

Welcome back!! :D
and we are waiting for your amazing posts;D

desert demons said...

Welcome back. You've been missed. I'm glad that your journey through life took you on a spontaneous trip of discovery of yourself and that you've managed to heal your wounds by opening yourself up to the beauty of the world.

Bella said...

I'm so glad that your back and that your better than ever. I'm so glad to hear that you finally found the power within you to heal yourself and manage through all the hardships life gave you.
I cant wait to start reading your amazing posts again.

S said...

ya halaaaaa
Eeh men 6awal el ghaibat jab elghnaym..
i7m wela 9ogha?
yalla ma 3alaih, elmohim radaitay bisalama :/
lol, great having you back :*

The Reigh said...

Welcome baaaaaaack! I look forward to reading more from you....and I'm glad that you took that journey to self discovery...I'm happy for you :D

theMuse said...

Glad u got over what ever that held you back, glad to have you back at K-town. Ive always believed that one should always book a ticket, away from work, headaches and probably pain. Just wish if there was an invisible button one can always use just in case u know what happens, in you know where.

Hoping you the best and the best always.. Testahlain kl Khair. Remember to put a smile everyday, your boss won't realize what hit him. ;)

Ciao Bella ;)

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