Friday, June 25, 2010


Only some would claim that 1992 was of no significance to them. To me, it was everything. I was only 5 years old then, but I felt the independence of an 18 year old who'd just gotten their license, and the overwhelming joy of a 27 year old who'd finally found the love of her life.

Everyday was love. Everything was perfect.

The simplicity and comfort of having very few friends, or just one best friend, was enough for me. Who cared about boys? Or having a social circle so big you'd get lost in it? Not me. The few friendships I'd formed when I was in the first and second grade were the only bonds I needed to get me through the days.

Sharing wasn't caring. Sharing was something, and caring was another. We were so selfless and young and happy, my friends and I. I remember sitting on the floor during my lunch break everyday at school with four other girls. We'd dump all of our lunches in the center of our little barricade of bodies and eat whatever was in the middle without a single complaint or feeling of resentment towards whoever ate the last piece of chips. Our gossip revolved around which Disney princess was our favorite and why, and which books we wanted to read over the weekend.

So innocent and happy.

Closets consisted of a couple of pairs of jeans, all acid-washed with an elastic waistband (we were too young for buttons), printed t-shirts, and a dress for Eid. There never came a day where I'd look into my closet and think about what to wear - I'd just pull out a bright shirt and a pair of jeans, pull on my favorite sneakers and go. Do you remember the sneakers that lit up whenever you took a step? Or the sneakers that "made you run faster"? I felt on top of the world everytime I put my shoes on, dancing around to Michael Jackson tunes and pretending I was in the Billie Jean video.

Music was another thing. Music was on a whole different level, and I'm sure many of you would agree.
By the year 1992, so many of the greatest artists and songs had set their names in stone and came out with, undeniably, the best music anyone has ever heard. Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey hold an extremely special place in my heart. Sometimes we were too young to fully understand the depth of their lyrics, but they sounded good and we could sing along, or at the very least, dance to it.
Even now when I listen to Mariah Carey's "Emotions", a wave crashes over me and sucks me into this deep trance and takes me back to 1992. Sunny mornings, wild hair, big smiles, going swimming at Le Meridien with my family and cousins; it was and still is perfection to me.
Even old-school Hip-Hop was everything it should be today. The lyrics were so simple, the beats were so ridiculously fresh, and the song didn't have to be peppered with bad words and negativity for it to work.
The music videos on MTV were relevant to the song, and VERY rarely did you see scantily-clad women exploiting themselves.
Music was everything to me during those years. Everything. You couldn't even compare an iPod filled with songs from the late 80's and early 90's to an iPod filled with today's music. You seriously can't.

There are some days I remember so vividly - laughing so hard in the back of the car with my cousins because we were so outrageously happy. Laughing so hard, in fact, that we warned our aunts that if they didn't slow down on the speed bumps, we might pee ourselves.
When was the last time you laughed so hard for no reason?
I can't remember either.

If I had one wish, it would be to bring 1992 back, forever. Every year should be 1992. There's so much more that I wish I could put into words, but sometimes words don't do the feeling justice.

Tell me some of your thoughts and memories :) I'd love to read what you all have to say!


July* said...

I couldn't agree with you more, even though my highlight was not 1992, for me it was probably 1996 I think, I'm bad with remembering things. I especially agree with the part on music. I love music, so much, and I agree with you because old school was the best type of music ever.
I can't really think of any memories to put down, but reading what you posted made me smile. I wouldn't going back in time when everything was simple ...

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% everything was so simple and we were so happy and content. my fav. artist was Madonna. kna enswy rg9at 3la her songs my cousins and i..
i remember whenever a new cassette yanzel nesm3ah fi kil car lol :P
lovely days *sigh*

Anonymous said...

too bad i wasn't born in 1992
well if i had a magic wand to turn back time and freeze it forever. it would probably be 2008. i still regret not spending each moment with my best friend and I still hate myself for not hugging my mom hard enough when she left. its sucks to look back and wish you knew what would happen to you so that you'd make the best of it. i wasn't innocent in 2008 but i loved it-i loved 2008 except the days that came after april 5th.

and i would love to live my childhood again-nothing is better than having sand in you hair or having a purple beard after drinking grape juice. mostly not caring about what people think of you, not following what people are following. or caring about fashion or all that crap were so connected to nowdays

N said...

I don't remember the year, but he'll yeah I want
my elmentery year back..

I would never forget my grannies house, we had nothing to play with, not even toys since we were not allowed to bring them with us knowing we would ruin the place.. But we still did ruin the place;p the basment and the 7oush were our only play areas, and yeah we did alot! I remember us piling all the pillows on top of each other, it was a taller than who I was! And the guys would hold us girls from our hands and legs and swing us to to pillows. Lol! I don't think I would do that again;/ i'd be too scared to do it! Also we used to slide around with the pillows., hmm what else? Yeah in the shalaih we used to jump from the balcony to the shore;/ madry shloun ma tkasarna, I was the most one who got the most injuries lol, I still remember my doctor saying 'matyozeen?' and I won't forget our summer camp days, my mom would ask me. 'k camp or camp oz?' and I would ask my friends where should we go,, etha bakamel ma ra7 akhal9, but there are A LOT!

Oh one thing before I forget, every week my grandparents give us 1 kd one From my grandfather ou 1 from my grandmother, we would have our money together and order food;p sometimes we would have a bake sale!! Wala kel Shay kan iwanesna..

Anonymous said...

I miss going to my aunt's house. i loved my cousin sooooo much, i still do, but i used to idolize her and i remember thinking that no one is cooler, stronger, or smarter than she was. When i look at old pictures of us together, most of them were of me looking at my cousin who was smiling for the camera lol!

S said...

Lets just say I could relate to almost all of that.. ALMOST!
lol bas the shoes that lit up, ma ansahum!

hahaha i still find that memory hilarious

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