Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sorry everyone..

I know I've been a super bad blogger bes walla I'm going through a really rough time right now oo I'm trying to get myself through a few things.. So, Chicken Soup's on hiatus for a little bit.. Ed3ooli :( I really really need it..
Hugs and kisses to all of you..


zuz said...

whatever it is enshallah it works out:*

FourMe said...

best of luck dear.. Alah ywafgich o ya7fthich o yab3id 3anich e3yal el7araam..

Anonymous said...

mwafegaa 7yaty inshala ;** Oo allah esahel 3aaich ,,

Anonymous said...

mwafegaa 7yaty inshala ;** Oo allah esahel 3aaich ,,

Anonymous said...

mwafegaa 7yaty inshala ;** Oo allah esahel 3aaich ,,

S said...

Allah iwafgich;*
Take it a step at a time, o inshala everything will work out the way u want it to..
3arfa it6al3een 7aritich wain, need I say FOOD?

Anonymous said...

Inshallaah watever it is becomes better..good luck. Remember to talk to people about it (if u can) so it would seem better.

Fayoona said...

enshallah kilshay yrd mthl ma kan.. o a7sen b3d. Here is some advise from me to you:
1. koonay wa8e3eya
2. put yourself in the other persons sheo.
3. always be positive
5. ~~Don't worry. Be happy~~
6. pray!!! seriously, it helps!!

hope everything is going to turn out fine. miss you.... 3ad mo tinsaina!!! ;p

shoosha said...

heey :( maby u go

Change said...

howneeha wethoon, winshallah kilshay ends to your best..!!
take your time with everything, sometimes things have to turn a little bad before becoming better so you appreciate it more..!!

Anonymous said...

Emwafega enshallah, o Allah ma3ach eb whatever you’re going through
Allah ysahel 3alech enshalla .. and as Fayoona said, Prayer really helps..

We’re all here for you..
And if you need anything, plz don't hesitate to ask

Curly Sue :***

bananapie said...


Jewaira said...

Lots of hugs to you :)

Stand-Alone~ said...

wishing you all the best and inshallah everything will work out fine.. eli fi 5air 7alik will come your way...

All the best dear,, *HUGS*

drama_ said...

zuz - Inshallah.. ;*** thanks..

FourMe - thanks dear.. Allah yisalmich oo yisma3 minnich inshallahhh.. ;**

Anonymous - ameeen oo ajma3een.. thanks so much 7abeebti ;**

S - heheh tha7akteeeni ;* 7abeebti thank you oo inshallah Allah yisma3 minnich wiysalmich.. ee Allah yi3een ilkitchen 3alay.. ray7a oo radda :(

Anonymous F - thank youuuu 7abeebti ;* inshallah Allah yisma3 minnich oo i'm trying to take it one step at a time bes when you don't know where to go it's kinda hard.. Allah kareem..

Fayoona - 7ayati intay ;**** thanks for your tips walla i'm trying to do things the best way i can oo rabbi 7abeebi mayga9er prayer is really helping.. bes i just wish this nightmare was over oo kilshay yirid like it was before :( Allah kareem

shoosha - 7abeebti i'm not going anywhere.. just for a little bit.. athabe6 umoori oo i'll be back.. ed3eelii..

Change - i know what you mean bes what if i was already appreciating that something and it goes bad? i'm trying to keep my head above the water bes the heartache is weighing me down..
Allah kareem inshallah..

Curly Sue - darling ;***** thank you sooo much.. Allah yisalmich min kil shar oo yisma3 minnich inshallah.. you all are the best.. seriously..

bananapie - thanks 7abeebti ;**

Jewaira - exactly what i need.. :*** thanks doll..

Stand-Alone - thank you sweety :** Allah yisma3 minnich inshallah.. i'm really hoping for the best.. i just have to be patient i guess.. thanks :**

Anonymous said...

What's wrong dear;*?

Gutter Flower said...

7abeeebiii!! ur reply to Change's comment 3awar galby! inshallla u get thru it darling.. Allah kareem inshalla.. what u said about ur problem was quite vague so i don't really know what to say.. bs bad3y ina whatever it is Allah ekoon m3ach and gets u thru it.. try to be strong.. and remember that everything happens for a reason.. u might not see it now bs im sure u will one day.. take all the time in the world.. ur fans rnt going anywhere ;) ;*

Anonymous said...

;/ .. we're gonna miss yoou a lott :* .. Take your time honey inshaalla ra7 ad3eeelliich ;*
Xxx NMS.

Rimz said...


Mrs. said...

Hope all works out, matestahlain ;**

Fayoona said...

hi Drama!! shlonich al7een? enshalla a7sen? nothing new?? :(

i misssssss yooouuuuu!!!!!!!

--- eee 9a7!!!!! i have to email you about something,

~~~ do you check ur email :S ?????? just wondering...
anywhooo, hope to hear more from you... :) :) :)


3anooda said...

you have been awarded with the "i love your blog" award by 3aneeda on March 14th 2009


S. said...

lai mta laaii mtaa hajrehom lai mtaa
golo lili nesaww 3ahd il'3aram il qadeem
il hajer mo le3b :P

Anonymous said...

alla e3eeenich inshalla :)

farah said...

7yatiiiiiii entay :******
i wish nothing but the best for u walla. enjoy life and live everday with a smile :)
im here for u anytime :*
xoxoxxx foofoooooo

Married Anonymous said...

what's wrong b9ara7ah wayeed '7awafteni 3alech is every thing ok with you ..'my lucky charm"
your's Married Anonymous

Cupid ;* said...

we really really miss you;*
good luck 7abeebti I hope everything goes well with you, all the best:*

Fayoona said...

anything new???? nothing yet? :( :(

yalllaa!!!! we misss you!!!!!;p
5laaa9!!! kalmeena shway!!!! ;p
haha ;p 3ad 9ij gelna take your time, bes 3ad muu chithy!!!

lala!! im joking tra ;p i love you***

Anonymous said...

moo chinna zawadteeha shwaya drama?

drama_ said...

Anonymous - kilshay fog shay ;// Allah kareem ;*

Fayoona - 7abeebti i still check my email from time to time so feel free to e-mail me about anything.. :**

3anooda - thanks 7abeebti ma 3alaich zood ;*

S. - inshallah soon

Anonymous - ajma3eeen..

farah - 7ubbi intay :**** Allah la y7remni minnich walla foof.. you make everything 10000 times better oo i'm lucky as hell to have you in my life. love you gad sha3ar bamboona :*

Married Anonymous - 7ayati intay ;* i e-mailed you.. hope everything is going well with you.. 6amneeni 3alaich

Cupid ;* - 7abeebti thanks wayid walla i miss you all tooo and i miss blogging.. 7mdilla shway shway things are moving along so i'll be back very very soon.. love you, and thanks again :)

Fayoona - hehehe i love you too ;*

Anonymous - and who are you to say inni zawadt'ha shway? i'm not obligated to post when i'm not inspired and when i'm going through a rough patch. when i feel like i'm ready to write, you'll see a new post.. please try to be considerate

Missy said...

weeee misssss uuuuuu :**

Susu said...

Hope ur ok ;) bs shda3wa ya3ni..i think a9lan maybe if u post let ur energy out a bit ud feel y9er fech 3azlay ur blog if u feel uncomfortable..

drama_ said...

RIMz - 7ayati ;********* yakfi wejoodich i love you.. oo la tiz3eleeen miinnniiii i don't know what i'd do without you ;* hehe

Missy - I miss you moorrree ;*

Susu - i'm doing much much better now thanks.. inshallah a new post coming soon ;) and writing did help; i kept a journal and wrote random sentences of things i observed hehe it was funny and helped me relax shway.. thanks

Starlight<3 said...

I miss your story oh so very much!but I'd rather you feel better before you post.

& Maybe you could post about whatever it is that's bothering you, your readers might help you a lot more than you think :)

Hope everything's alright and gets better.


Anonymous said...


its me again.. from the last anonymouse post. i just wanted to apologize bout wat i said. i was being rude and inconsiderate. its just that ive been going through a rough patch myself and i used to rely on your blog to cheer me up. iv always had problems with conveying my point to people.. im a bit vulgur and 'dafsha' wen i talk. i didnt mean to offend you at all. hope to read a post of yours reel soon. once again, im reeli sry. ily and ure blog ;*

Anonymous said...

Hi Drama..

I am sooooo glad that things have finaly starting to come together for u.. oo allah yab3edech 3an kel shar enshallah..

and again, if u need anything, plz dont hesitate to ask..

Curly Sue ;*****