Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Grumpy Tag ;p

Tagged by 7aLeeB KaKaW ;***

1. Put a picture of any grumpy person.

2. Then Mention 3 things that are just abnormal.
- My mother's obsession with "fa5ama"
- Mit7ajbat + leggings
- Boys that haven't hit puberty yet (or probably don't even know what puberty is) hitting on girls old enough to be their mother. THIRD TIME THIS WEEK! WAI3!

3. Two things that irritate you.
- When people talk to me and ask me questions when they can see that I'm on the phone with someone else.
- When people barge into my room without knocking, and even when they see that I'm praying/getting dressed/busy with something, they still hang around!

4. One trigger to your anger.
- When akoon 7adddddi mishta6a for a 6al3a oo I spend hours getting ready and expecting the best, and two minutes before the event, the person cancels or yakser feeni in an equally distressing way.

5. Three people you can't live without.
- Mama ;* 7ayati Mama!
- Il-Semi ;*~
- Pigeon ;***

6. Two of people you don't want to see.
- Two crazy chicks that I was with in univ.. 7mdilla wishikir.. Their brains combined probably amount to 3/4 of an actual human being, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and counted them as one person. Is that okay?
- The idiot who robbed Il-Semi :/ If I see your face I'll break it, I swear. 7alaya 7awajbich chinna a7ad rasem 3ala yabhitich with a Sharpie marker. And I'm not talking about the thin ones either. No, I'm talking about the ones they use for street tagging.

7. One of your favorite foods.
- Pizza, without a doubt. Pepperoni with pineapples willi ma ya3jeba yi6ig rasa bilferen ;p

8. Three of your favorite songs.
- 3abood 5owaja - A'6naytani Bil-Hajr ;********
- Lloyd - Girls All Around The World (Ft. Lil' Wayne) (If I don't hear this song at least once a day, I feel incomplete :* and Lloyd if you ever ever read this, I love you and I wanna be in your next video.)
- M7amed 3abdu - '3areeb Il-Dar

Tag only 5 people:
Whoever wants to do this. That means:
- You
- You
- You
- You
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Glitter said...


Glitter said...


S said...

lol 7ajz amakin ..
ooh salfat asking questions when u're on the fone hathy itlawi3 el chabd!
pepperoni with u all the way.. i'll have to try the pineapples..
a girl robbed someone? a better reason to give her a beating that she'll forget she had eyebrows :)

drama_ said...

Glitter - LOOOL bathbe7ich!!! :*** i love uuu!!

S - eeee wallaaa can you believe it!! and when we confronted her she didn't even apologize! crazy, i swear, the last person we expected to steal and sb7an Allah shloon enkashfat!!! Allah yaster 3alaiha bes :S

moi said...

looooooooooool met7ajbat o legginings!! o tanoora mini t7t'ha leggings aksha5 b3d:P!

Gutter Flower said...

2. abnormal things.. mit7ajbat + leggings.. THANK U!

3. When people talk to me and ask me questions when they can see that I'm on the phone with someone else.
9A7 LA? can't u see that i can't ANSWER IM ON THE FREAKIN FONE!

4. FINALLY WALLA!! finally someone who gets me.. u dont understand how infuriated i get when this happens.. and it happens to me quite often.. so yeah.. =@

love uu yal fanana intay!!! ;*

B said...

wai3 u know how i feel #4 :(

Even Sweeter said...

HAHAAAA um 7awajib!! 7asait'ha UGLY!!;p

waay 3ayal miy7ajba o 3/4 skirt o long boots!! shinu ya3ni ;x!!

Lloyd is a good friend of mine... ill talk to'em about u!! "gha9ib";p

Limited said...

lol @ mt7ajbat+leggings .. yeah i dont get that either =P

Anonymous said...

iknow sm1 we call semi.. hmmm... oo a3rf wa7da 7wajbha thgela 7al... hmmmmm..

Ruby Woo said...

I hate it when people barge in. Ya3ni the door is there for a reason, for you to knock!
Do you know how many times my brothers barged in while I was changing, and you think bas khalas tabaw? No they still refuse to knock!

LOL @ two in one

Wa7da Qabiya said...

What's your star sign?

drama_ said...

moi - shiftay shlooon!! bay3eenha :/

Gutter Flower - hahahah walla ma7ad yifham these things oo why i get so irritated!! it drives me NUTS!! :**** love u more ya 7ilwa!

B - ya ba3ad galbi i'll go out with you :*

Even Sweeter - eee lol that b***h is CRAZY i hate her so much :( and eww 3/4 skirt/pants with boots. wtf. hahaha KALMAY LLOYD LAW SAMA7TAY I HAVE AN UMNIYA THAT NEEDS TO TIT7AQAQ!!

Limited - i wish one of them could explain to us ;p

Anonymous - i call her ilsemi cuz we share the same name :P hahaha!

Ruby Woo - UFFFF I HATE IT. the DOOR. KNOCK. jeez!! la oo lama i'm getting dressed oo i'm 1/2 naked oo il5adama itdar3em! agoolaha can you please wait till i'm done? tith7ak witgool "i see everything! what you have i have!" :S

Wa7da Qabiya - Aries ;)

Anonymous said...

Ee walla ana mani fahma shlon leggings sar ok for met7ajba...

saraw now mini job o 7jab o jiji aswad '3amej b3d mo leggings o yalla... ay 7jab hatha?

o ana ma a7eb a7ad yogaf 3la rasi o ana asawee shay... atkharba6 o atdoodah...

Hate #4 ... i once had a friend who called me out of the blue, begged me to go out and clear a day in a very very busy week. Literally begged for it. So that day i took some time off work, get ready, i am waiting for her to come over and pick me up when she calls 30 minutes late and says "hi i had a fight with my husband this morning and he ruined my mood. I feel like driving around only alone. Sorry haa?"

It's been three years now. She still calls me, and i have never answered her calls since. Yeah, that's how mad i am!

Rimz said...

2) mt7ajbat o legging ! laish mt7ajba ikhti ?!!!!

5) not me ? :( ;p

6)kaaaaaaaaaaaak tha7akteeeeni mn 9oba7 alah khair!!! ;p

Anonymous said...

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