Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red Rage

Ala'a watched the two cars behind her from her rear-view mirror as she waited at the traffic light. Two young mit7ajba women squeezed, giant 7ijab and all, in a red Porsche Turbo that seemingly wasn't their own by the way the were driving it. The woman in the driver's seat had flipped down the sun visor to check her bright red lipstick in the mirror, while her friend licked her vanilla ice cream cone, careful not to smudge her glossy pink lipstick.
The young men in the white Lexus next to them stared unabashedly, trying to get their attention. The woman driving the Porsche knew that people were staring at them - that was what she wanted. She puckered and pursed her lips in the mirror over and over again, knowing and not knowing that the men next to her were squinting their eyes and gaping with lust.
It was the next thing she saw that made Ala'a's stomach churn with disgust - the woman eating the ice cream cone turned to look at the men in the Lexus, unashamed and unaware of all the people that were staring at her and her friend. She then stuck out her tongue and proceeded to swirl it around the vanilla ice cream in the most seductive and suggestive manner she could, and then offered it to the men in the Lexus with a cheeky giggle.

Ala'a's jaw dropped in shock, not even realizing that the light had turned green a few moments ago. She drove ahead and turned to check in her rear view mirror, only to see that the men in the Lexus had, most likely in disgust, taken the nearest exit away from the girls in the red Porsche. Ala'a smirked at no-one in particular, and continued her way home.

'Is this what the women of our country have come down to?,' she thought to herself. Ala'a had recently started hearing more and more stories about Kuwaiti women throwing themselves onto men and degrading themselves in the process. Stories about girls following unsuspecting guys home; about girls leaving phone numbers and e-mail addresses on guys' car doors - the most recent one was of a girl getting the number of a guy she was eyeing through a friend who worked at Zain, and calling him at ungodly hours of the night, trying to seduce him.
Ala'a wondered - Do these women truly believe that any worthy man would respect them and their actions?

Nearing her home, Ala'a slowed down at the turn only to see the girls in the red Porsche behind her. They gained on her and swerved to the left side of Ala'a's car. The girl who was licking the ice-cream wrung her hands at Ala'a as if to say "What? Shtabeen?" and her mouth moved, angrily shouting inaudible words. 'She probably thinks I made the men drive away from them,' Ala'a thought. She rolled her eyes at the girls in the Porsche and drove off in her own direction, thanking God that she has a good head on her shoulders.


Temetwir said...

a month or so ago i tried to find ur email lena i wanted to ask u to add to the themes of ur writing because i thought u most definitely can cover much more than what u previously seemed to limit urself to; i didnt find ur email at the time and thus didnt think much of it

bas u prove me right here, excellently imho, and to no one's surprise if i am to speak for myself

go for range, and substance will follow

drama_ said...

aww temetwir :) thanks for commenting oo welcome to my new blog.. i've always enjoyed reading your posts, and i hope you enjoy mine as well. thanks again :)

Temetwir said...

damn .. this follow-up comments feature rocks, wainy 3ana mn zeman

thanks for the kind words, o without a doubt i enjoy reading ur material very much o iirc i talked to u once before abt ur themes in the older blog, which was nice in its own way, bas taben elsij i cant say im not happy to see u depart from limiting ur writing to that aspect of lit.

if uve got any of ur older stuff laying around, zip o send them to my email please i was talking to a friend abt them a while ago

drama_ said...

hahaha :P
thanks again walla you're too kind.. unfortunately i had to delete the whole blog, but i think i have a few of them here and there.. i'll look for them and email them to you :)

Temetwir said...

kid u not, it's much deserved


drama_ said...

will do :D

Jewaira said...

Those girls sound awful! Yuck.
And they're not any better than men who do the same.

drama_ said...

true, lady j :s this is only one of the many nasty things girls have been seen doing..

Anonymous said...

hmm... interesting... its disgusting how alot of girls are like this...

Zoe said...

3ajeeba 2il 8i9a.. Spot On. Wayid zaydeen hel ashkal. The worst part is that your brain can't process what you're seeing because you're unaccustomed to it. So, as a result you stare, which usually provokes them.

Dee said...

Im soo happy that ur back!! i used to love ur Old-blog ALOT!
but again,, u havent updated for a while;( hope this is temporarily!
amazing writtings!;)

drama_ said...

flana: this is just a tiny bit of the nasty things i've heard

zoe: hahahaha true, evrytime i see these ashkal i can't help but make a disgusted face. its so funny how they get upset!

dee: ya ba3ad 3umri ur comment means a lot to me.. walla. thanks :) i will update asap!

Silhouette Crime said...

Women, girls these days!!
i dont know why they are degrading themselves !!