Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've been tagged by the lovely Glitter!

So this tag is called Il-Taj Il-Sultani.. I would upload the picture thingy that's supposed to go with it, but I'm clueless when it comes to stuff like this.
Anyways, so the tag says that I have to tell my beautiful followers 6 secrets of mine. Whoever knows who I am or doesn't, I don't care. I really have nothing to hide so whatevs! Here goes!

1. More often than not, I think about running away. Not just leaving my house, but leaving Kuwait. Running off to a big beautiful city that's so enriched with culture and life and REAL people. The thought of it gives me goosebumps, and there are days when I'd give up my family for a taste of another life.

2. I wish I never dated. Not because of the whole reputation thing (I could care less), but because of all the days, months, and years spent worrying about the significant other and crying and all the other sad bits that come with a relationship. A word of advice, spend every moment you can with a smile on your face.

3. The thought of marriage, which was once so beautiful and sacred to me, repulses me now. I secretly feel sorry for all my friends who are married, because 90% of them are miserable. I just pretend to be interested in committment when I'm around them.

4. As much as I regret ever knowing Mubarak and hating him for what he did to me, a little piece of me misses him so much. It always will.

5. I can never forgive my dad for leaving. I don't care how happy he is in his new life; I think what he did was extremely selfish.

6. I stole a piece of gum from the baqala when I was a kid once, and when my mom asked me if I had paid for it, I nodded. I still think about it till this day, and I still feel like crap.

There. I said it. LOL.

I tag whoever wants to do this thing. Link me back to your blog in the comments section if you did this tag! I'd love to pick your brains :)


Curly Curls said...

i so get the stealin the gum thing .. i never did bas i get that feeling .. like the past is haunting me :P for the silliest thing

Anonymous said...

I love you, jad

Mrs. Al- K. said...

1- some times u need to be alone. I get that feeling too.. Hehehe ;p
2- I don't get that feeling, but sometimes I hate it when u dumps his bad mood and makes a big deal out of nothing... ;s and for somethings it's ok with him but not!!!! Ib Kaif mino???
3- Its the way u treat ur husband... If you knw then marriage is perfect.. Sometimes love marriage dnt work while arranged marriages do.. It's gisma o ni9eeb..
4- Its not easy forgetting someone u spent ur life with.. Bs u will find sum1 who is better inshala
5- Maderi shagol on this ;s I am sorry
6- Sumtimes guilt eats u up on the most stupidest silliest thing!!!!

tigerlily said...

No. No missing Mubarak! STD-ridden cactus, man.

And if you leave, you're taking me with you. SERIOUSLY.


Anonymous said...

you neeeeed to tell us what happened with mubarak.. he was our prince charming too! (in a freakky imaginary manner)

Anonymous said...

silent reader awal marra i actually comment i don't know why bs ast7i i comment in ur blog..yeah i know silly

i wanna tag myself bs how do i link u to my post or blog? ma a3arf;p

Anonymous said...

i didn't know how to do it. I quit! just press on my name w u'll c my blog;p

Anonymous said...

Pink Elephant,

You say you don't care much about this and that, but I think really - it's not 'not caring', you care too much..

Through your writing it is evident - so passionate, so entrenched, so romantic, SO eloquent - It can't be written by a careless soul...

If your battle wounds have taught you anything, it's that you should cherish moments. Indulge, laugh, love, cry, forgive - but do it genuinely. This can only be achieved through the transparency you've so endearingly enchanted us with through your writing...

And to that, I say 'God bless you'! It takes courage to do what so many people think they've already done! To dive deep inside yourself and really get to your core, to embrace your light and your darkness, and to move forward knowing not everything you've imagined you'd be, you've become. Love thyself.

Also, Every person that comes into your life, has a purpose. Whether for better or for worse, for seconds or for years, everyone has had a role in educating you about yourself. Uncovering hidden depths you might not have imagined existed within you & ultimately giving you the greatest gift of all - The YOU you now know!

So I'll leave you with this, don't waste any moment angry or besieged by the past. Love it, the the people in it & smile.

For you are nothing but a product of your experiences.

Never stop writing,

Anonymous said...

hey this is anonymous2:55 from earlier
and i just wanted to say that sweetie im sorry and its truly none of my business..

love you xx

Anonymous said...

awal shy.. hey there shlonech.. shakhbarech..

emmm this post in particular is so interesting.. I like it.. I really do.. but it makes me a bit concerned about you.. Do you know why..?
Going back a year ago.. you writing these kinds of personal posts, stating facts about your life was all about sarcastic, funny facts that makes everyone smile.. but this post is sooooooo different than what you used to write back then.. It'''s..emmm.. DEEP.. yes it's deep.. i think deep is the word.. deep, dark, and twisty ;p.. la la im just kidding.. just plain deep ;p

That being said.. what's done is done.. live in the moment.. get busy with work.. it's the best therapy..

excuse me for analysing your post.. but you see.. i'm mature now and I know how to analyze things hehehehee :p

Curly Sue ;*******************

Delicately Realistic said...

I hear u ;/
I do love Kuwait but to be honest Kuwaitis r making it impossible to coexist without being bitter angry and impatient ;/

Anonymous said...

1- I think I want to be a pshycologist! ;p
2-I have never solaft "as in swalif" with my dad never!
3- My big brother is getting married "the big age difference made us very close" and I can't get over the fact that he is gonna have a wife I HATE it! Ma3ane ana me5taratla el bnt wadry 5osh wa7da! Bas I'm willing to try I'm not that selfish ;p
4- The only constant place I have been going to W rbait fe w ma ta'3ayar is our shalaih in Bnaider;* To me Its the most comforting place in the whole world :)
5- I grew up thinking my parents would get a divorce the next day.
6-if it was my choice then I would get a phd then have kids (adoubt or get pregnent without the father thing)
7- One of my biggest fears is to raise my kids the way my parents raised me! Mo 3an shay bas my eldest sibling is 28. W they are in their 50z fa 3yezaw eraboun malhum 5ulg! Alah ekon eb3onhum :p

Anonymous said...

1) I hate Kuwait, I was probably the only 30 years old man crying in the movies watching “the karate kid”, I remembered when I was the only Egyptian kid in a Kuwaiti school getting beaten up daily, just coz I am Egyptian.

2) Sometimes, it crosses my mind for few seconds (what if it was true..there is no such thing as Islam, there is only god and that’s it ).

3) I used to be a pathological liar….i worked hard to control that and stop it.i only managed to somehow decrease the amount of lies I say after I felt in love with a 46 years old woman and married her .

4) I remember my x girl whom I asked her to marry me, she said then she is a virgin, I discovered she is not, I lied about forgiving her just to sleep with her, and after that I dumped her…I regret that a lot.

5) i feel like my dad is gona pass a way sometime soon. And my life is gona be upside down..even though he is full of mistakes as a man, I still love him A lot.

6) I constantly daydream about being the president or the famous actor.

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